© 2005 - Elizabeth Franklin
The Christian Time Priority Teachings and Workshops and books help you begin to prioritize your life and gain control of your time.  I have recently designed a course called "SURVIVE and THRIVE College Time Priority Workshop" especially helpful for freshmen or athletes or any college student with a busy schedule that can be requested in a Christian format to include some of these areas as well as the practical aspects of time for college. The writings and workshops are Scripturally based and designed to accomplish these directives:
1.  To determine your personal priorities of life and help establish time to develop a close, intimate relationship with the Lord and your family.
2. To motivate you to find your personal "God-vision"  purpose and find true fulfillment in life that satisfies your soul.
3. To begin to maximize your time left on earth for the glory of God by discovering and utilizing your gifts, talents, and callings.
4. To provide practical help in establishing control of your time in order to make these lifestyle changes accomplishable.
If you desire to schedule a Time Priority Workshop, please email.  
If you desire to schedule a Time Priority Workshop, please email.  I will send you a menu of options. If you can't come into the area, consider purchasing "I Miss My Time With You" or a Time Priority Workshop Workbook with CD teaching Set at The Time Store at www.itstime4u.org
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