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The Time Ministry Workshops emerged from my own personal brush with death in 1984 and the lifestyle changes that came from that experience.  It is a guide to help balance all the areas of your life in order to live each day as if it could be your last.
I was a successful businesswoman and community leader recognized in publications like Who's Who of Professional or Business Women, Notable American Woman, International Directory of Distinguished Leadership, Five Hundred Leaders of Influence, etc.
I was in the top 10% of my business nationwide, I led youth groups at church, helped in soccer, scouts, and school activities but there was something missing...PURPOSE. I had not connected to who I was created to be, and in my soul there was a longing for something more in life. I used my time well and even taught time management as a hobby, but my energy and efficiency were going in the wrong directions.
In the spring of 1995, I felt a desire to search the Word of God concerning "time." The Lord illuminated hundreds of passages and I began to categorize them and began feeling a calling to share the insights I had gained.  As I studied the Scriptures, He made the heart of the message real when I came to realize God misses us.
It is as if God is saying to the Body of Christ, "I miss My time with My people.  They have time to work, time to play, time to watch TV, time to even walk the dog, but they don't have time for Me.  Their agendas are their gods.  I miss MY people and I want them in close, intimate fellowship with Me."
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* Excerpt from I Miss My Time With You, Elizabeth Franklin (C) 1996
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