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Today we’re going to talk about the value of ONE SUMMER.. Most of our music students get very unproductive in summer, many drop for the summer, when it COULD be a time to really practice extra and excel without the distraction of school and homework, but the lack of planning, structure, and discipline often cause summers to become unproductive.
 Describe your past summers.
What would you like to see different about this one?
What would you like to accomplish this summer? List it out.
What could you accomplish in one summer?  Learn to play an instrument? Volunteer at the library or church? Find that BIG dream you’ve always wanted to do and work on it a little each day.
1. Time Log for school year/ time log for summer
We need structure. The human body was designed to function in structure, and yet when summer comes, we fall into bad time habits, varied get up times, varied eating times and don’t understand why the kids are irritable and you feel sluggish and cannot accomplish much. Do you remember the saccadic eye motion example?  Even in the summer you need goals and to do lists!
2. What do you want your summer days to look like? Plan out a summer weekly schedule so you don’t just veg all summer!
3. TEAM- together everyone achieves much- get help around the house so you can ALL enjoy the summer.  It is the time of year I try to get my extras done.  My writing is predominately done in the summer in place of teaching.  My list of “to dos” like cleaning the garage get on the list in the summer when I have more flexibility in my time. I try to plan my day so my time is not consumed with working and doing things, because I could fill up every minute and I want to have extra time to do fun things with my daughter as she also has a break from school routines.
4. Take Mini Vacations once a quarter instead of one long one annually- helps reduce stress load. We often try to go on an extended vacation once a year, but it has been proven that shorter vacations, disbursed throughout the year are more of a stress reliever. Also, don’t book your vacation time too full! Take time to RELAX and unwind and just “be a kid” again. There is nothing worse that coming back from a busy vacation needing a vacation to get over your vacation!
5. Work on improving relationships this summer.
Do you want your child to be a success?  God views success differently than the world views success.  Parenting is a ministry to your children, and time with them is the best “thing” you can give them.  They need the presence and time of both parents.  Even in the world’s view of success, Christian missionaries overwhelmingly produce more listees in Who’s Who than secular professions overwhelmingly.  Your children are most available in the summer while school, many sports, and dance are all on hold for summer.  Use this summer to make memories that will cause this to be THE summer to remember.




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